Show yourself some love this Valentines Day

Here’s some tips on how you can pamper yourself with love!

  • Start your day with some fresh air to get your blood flowing. There’s nothing quiet like a brisk walk to make you feel energised and ready for the day. Being around nature has so many benefits and it’s completely free!
  • Make a list of 5 things you LOVE about yourself. It’s easy to tell others what you love about them but recognise there’s lots to love about yourself! You can use my handy notepads for this 😉
  • Give yourself a head massage with your favourite hair oil. Not only is it great for your hair but a great way to relax a busy mind. I love Organic Hair Oils by Hema in Wild Lemon; it smells divine!
  • Put on your favourite music, listening to music has been proven to lift your mood. Have a sing along with your Disney favourites for a laugh!
  • Eat some nutritious food and keep hydrated. The more hydrated you are; the less fatigue you’ll feel. And good food is always medicine for the soul. A mushroom fettuccine made with Filotea Pasta is the perfect dinner dish on a special day
  • Watch a light hearted romcom or a comedy with your favourite blanket and a cuppa! I loved rewatching Eat Pray Love recently. It is such a feel good movie and all about discovering self love!
  • Light your favourite candle and relax in the bath with a good book before bed. I love Myjackharvey candles for that relaxing aroma without any of the nastiness.

And before you end your day, give yourself some gratitude and love with a few moments of mindfulness for a good nights sleep ❤️

Remember you can practice self care like this any day of the year too!

Lots of love x

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